In this beautifully photographed book of my favourite healthy and delicious recipes, I share the greatest gift my family has given me – the love of good food, and a passion for cooking with heart and soul. This is the food I cook for my family and friends – a combination of Asian and European style dishes, each with their own story, inspired by people and places dear to me, and adapted with my own personal touches. I hope that ON THE TABLE AT HOME will inspire you to nourish those that you hold close to your heart and to sit around the table at your home, enjoying the food you love to make. Invest in goodness, cook with passion and make it real.

Home cooking is something I am passionate about, and writing this book has brought me closer to my beliefs and my inner domestic self. It has evoked my sense of Eurasian heritage and tradition, and reaffirmed the importance of family, friends and food. I believe food brings people from different cultures together. It is like a universal language. And I love having that conversation.

There is a wonderful mix of Asian and Western dishes here, and some that contain elements of both. Some things are easy to prepare and others need more effort. Food is really the way to my heart and a way to spoil people. I am happy to be sharing with you all these recipes that reflect who I am, where I come from and what I love. I hope you give them a try and they become part of your life.

ISBN: 978-0-646-95712-8
BOOK TITLE: On The Table At Home​

Danielle Peita Graham
Model, mother, home cook and now author, Danielle Peita Graham is a woman of style, passion and substance. It has been her dream to create her own cookbook since she was a teenager. Her love of food was instilled from a very young age by her Chinese mother and Irish father. She grew up learning how to cook Asian and Western dishes from her parents, and she has fond memories as a young girl that revolve around the dinner table. Her passion for food and cooking has shaped the way she lives today. She believes that sharing food with friends and family is one of the best ways to show love. When she became a mother, cooking for her family became her main priority in life.

Now, in this book, she shares personal stories of growing up in Australia and Asia, eating and cooking with her family and friends. She offers tips on how to prepare delicious, simple and fast meals that can be shared or eaten alone. Danielle has gathered over 70 recipes from her childhood favourites, from cooking lessons with her chef friends and from dishes she discovered during her international travels, and made them her own with personal touches that she now wants to share with you.